Commodity trading and analysis expertise is at the core of our product. We can combine it with deep tech to provide our customers with a superior proposition.


Satellite data and Machine learning enables big data processing on a near-real time basis. Our digital twin of the commodity supply chain is updated everyday based on the latest data.


We have built a robust and proven technology that gives a complete overview of the supply chain from upstream production to downstream consumption.

Supply & Demand

DBX has built the most trusted Supply & Demand model for Coal and Iron Ore in the industry. We collate National Statistics, Satellite Observations, Customs, Cargo Tracking 2.0 and 3rd party data and apply Machine Learning to build a real-time Supply & Demand model.


Commodity coverage: Iron ore, coal, alumina and bauxite, DBX provides the most comprehensive real-time view of dry bulk commodities and captures  99% of the voyages for over 12,000 dry bulk ships. 
Access the best granularity in the market filtered by commodity type, vessel class, brand, producer, shipper, receiver and trade price details.
Access historical, real-time and future flows and congestion data.

Dry bulk production flows graphic


We have developed our own satellite-based technology to estimate stockpiles held in all the main hubs: ports, mines, power stations and steel mills. This data is updated on a weekly basis and released way ahead of typical surveys, allowing our users to position themselves accordingly.

Dry bulk inventory graphic


DBX Research combines DBX’s unique data driven technology with fundamental analysis to provide cutting edge reports.

Direct access to experienced analysts
Bespoke market research and advisory services
Independent and unbiased insights
Not only analysis on past fundamentals but a view on future market developments

Easy Integrations

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Intuitive Web App

User friendly and fast 24/7 web-based interface with CSV download.

Powerful API Integrations

Our API gives access to DBX’s data. Our users can download our data and build their own analytics overlay to derive insights.