Alex CLAUDE, an expert in commodity tech with 15 years experience in the commodity trading industry, teamed up with the Signal Group in 2020 and started DBX. 

Our product is the result of a unique combination of domain and technological expertise. We offer the most comprehensive, accurate and deepest research analytics of the dry bulk commodity market.

Core Values

  1. Love for the Product
  2. Scientific Approach
  3. Strong Work Ethics
  4. Entrepreneurial Mindset

The company is headquartered in London, UK, and also has offices in Greece and India.

Executive Team

Alexandre Claude


Giorgos Gerakakis

Head of Product

Panos Sourtzinos

Head of Data Science

Theodosia Zervou

Head of Technology


DBX boasts a network of strategic partners that are forerunners of their industries. We have combined unparalleled expertise to build our unique DBX platform.


Latest news and insights from DBX and our media partners.

DBX Research

Combining our unique data driven technology with fundamental analysis to provide cutting edge reports from our team of commodity fundamental analysts and data scientists.

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Global Coal Fundamentals  research paper cover image
Global Iron Ore Fundamentals Research cover image