DBX provides the most accurate and comprehensive real-time data and insights for dry bulk commodities based on satellite imagery and machine learning.


Commodity trading and analysis expertise is at the core of our product. We can combine it with deep tech to provide our customers with a superior proposition.


Satellite data and Machine learning enables big data processing on a near-real time basis. Our digital twin of the commodity supply chain is updated everyday based on the latest data.


We have built a robust and proven technology that gives a complete overview of the supply chain from upstream production to downstream consumption.

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Next Gen Analytics

Deep sector expertise and advanced analytical capabilities to meaningfully process market data. Our data science framework consumes the latest and most innovative datasets, fused together and transformed into real-time actionable insights. 

DBX Platform interface - Trend - Global Load

Real-time Data

Provision of real-time data ahead of official national, company and customs data releases. We offer the best data quality in the industry that can be backtested against official benchmarks.

DBX Platform - Trading between Countries

Unparalleled Coverage

An intelligent and digital view of the global dry bulk supply chain which ranges from upstream production to downstream consumption. As a result of years of product development, we have built a digital twin for commodity trading that covers country production, trade flows and country consumptions.

DBX Platform - Stockyard Insights